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Sell cars with certify FREE engine replacement warranty

Mamushcar Marketing Tool

MamushCar Marketing tool is the best option for car dealers to Rev up their car sales with up 98% from it current level.
Every end user wants a trouble free transaction and value for their money with possibly a genuine and documented Engine Warranty offer on used cars which you can only get from MamushCar Marketing Tool.

Advantage of our Automobile marketing tool
✓ Increase car sales with up to 98%
✓ Give client assurance on your vehicle(s)
✓ Avoid much talking let the tool do the talking
✓ You get 100% referrals from our online mailing
✓ Your client get FREE Engine when it breakdown

All you need to do is direct your client to the channel where you stick the product on the vehicle assuring them your vehicle is 100% Certify to purchase with Assurance and Confidences with documented Engine Replacement warranty after purchase.

• Vehicle with Resealed Open Sump / Cylinder Gasket History is not valid for this Tool
* Not valid for vehicles with overheating history
* Not valid for vehicles with tempered mileage
* This tool is Valid for Vehicles not above 156 000 miles.
• We are not an interface between you and a client or by any means interested to know about or interfere in your transactions
* This tool will remain valid and secure as long it should and not until a client gains access via QR-code or the link to invalidate and revalidate the 100% FREE ENGINE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY


Products after purchase is non-refundable

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